What do we know about the 2017 LMP2s

On the eve of the the FIA WEC debut of the 2017 LMP2 lets see what we’ve learnt about the class so far this year from their use in other series

The Dallara (not used in WEC) works REALLY well with a Gargantuan Cadillac V8 hanging out the back.

The Riley (not used in the WEC) is really good at taking head-on and front 1/4 knocks when the brakes fail. Works pretty with the P2 mandated Gibson churn and pulled off a ‘surprise’ podium at Daytona (surprise in the fact everyone thought it would be a Caddy 1-2-3 and forgot that the car was run by Bill Riley)

The Ligier (not used in WEC), keeps its tyres alive longer as proven in ELMS, but the has a habit of chewing through Gearboxes in IMSA, even with the Gibson engine and not just when the cogs are on the receiving end of Godzilla’s fury

The Oreca (The ONLY P2 in WEC) Well, erm…  the electrics can be a bit sketchy (ask Rebillion after Daytona/Sebring) and they seem a bit harsh on tyres Contis Or Dunlops considering that they couldn’t do the stint length the Caddy could do and they didn’t have the pace of the Oreca at the end of  Stint in ELMS

What does this mean? Well I’m guessing a few teams were looking at Daytona and Sebring results and were pretty dismissive of the Caddy thinking “That’s All Engine”. Well, thanks to the High Class Racing’s Double AM driver line up landing an ELMS podium today I think a few people will have pause for thought.  Why no-one thought the Dallara would be any good is beyond me. Dallara, the guys who built the era defining, Le Mans Dominating Audi R8. The Guys Tasked with building EVERY Indycar. Them, Dallara.

Also whats wrong with picking the Ligier? about Half the P2 field at Le Mans last year was Ligiers…  Oh but but the Oreca 05 could have been converted to the 2017 version…  Yeah, that’s a pretty big gamble. The Oreca had to have a mid season homolgation change to its brakes- not a singing endorsement.  Can an updated car match a clean sheet? Proof will be in the pudding come June I suppose, when the WEC guys get a direct reference.


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